Pretty Little Liars Finale Review (Spoilers)

I've been watching this piece of shit show for years. I started off in my teens when it was actually good, it had drama and mystery but then somehow it became the worst show I've ever seen. I feel like a lot of shows make the mistake of going on for too long and instead… Continue reading Pretty Little Liars Finale Review (Spoilers)


GLOW: Season 1 Review (Spoiler Free)

I have no interest in wrestling. I mean I don't hate it or anything I just don't care, I don't have an opinion - completely and utterly neutral (apart from that one time I got obsessed with watching wrestling for an entire week randomly and binge watched loads of clips), but when I watched the… Continue reading GLOW: Season 1 Review (Spoiler Free)

Shocking Scenes In TV Shows

Spoilers for shameless, breaking bad, the walking dead, vikings and Bates Motel. Shameless V, V's mum and Kev sex scene: this is probably the most bizarre scene I've seen, I actually had to pause so that I could sit in shock and digest what I just saw. Here V and Kev want a baby, however… Continue reading Shocking Scenes In TV Shows