Awesome TV Shows Which Got Cancelled Too Soon

Pretty much what the title says: some fucking awesome shows which got cancelled way too soon.   Forever This show probably would have been one of my favourite ever shows if it continued. Forever is about a 200 year old man called Henry Morgan who is immortal and living in the present. Henry throughout the… Continue reading Awesome TV Shows Which Got Cancelled Too Soon


Amélie Review 

​I've really been enjoying French movies lately, I've seen some previously but not many and after mentioning Jeux d'enfants in a previous post I had the sudden urge to go on a French movie binge. I've heard about Amélie many times before, I guess it's quite a popular movie and so I randomly went into… Continue reading Amélie Review 

Top 10 Favourite TV Shows

Once again I lied, it's top 14. There are just too many goddamn amazing shows. 14. 11.22.63 A mini series based on Stephen King's book of the same name. It follows a man who travels back in time to stop the assassination of J.F. Kennedy, after his friend convinces him how it would change the… Continue reading Top 10 Favourite TV Shows

4 Awesome Movies With A Music Theme (In No Particular Order) 

1. School of Rock I'm starting off with a fun movie, considering the rest are all quite sad and serious. School of Rock is a classic, one of my favourites - about a musician 'Dewey' kicked out of a band who becomes a substitute teacher at an elementary school in which he turns the class… Continue reading 4 Awesome Movies With A Music Theme (In No Particular Order)