Dexter As A Sitcom

My friend Lisa Turtle and I were recently talking about how some shows would turn out if they were different, with one of the ideas being how Dexter would be if it were a sitcom. My short answer to this is that it would be fucking awesome, but I'll go into detail some more. When… Continue reading Dexter As A Sitcom


TV Shows Which Would Make Good Games

I watch a lot of shows, I play a lot of games... The two go well together and sometimes i see a book, movie or show which I would love to explore as a game, so today I'll be talking about some T.V. shows which would make good games. This was kind of inspired by… Continue reading TV Shows Which Would Make Good Games

Worst Characters in TV Shows

Spoilers motherfuckers. Jenny Humphrey (Gossip Girl) This isn't in any particular order but Jenny happens to be the worst of them all, so I guess that's why she came to mind first. This spoiled little hoe ruined the show. I've never hated a character this much, now I haven't seen the show in a while… Continue reading Worst Characters in TV Shows

Inspirational Female Characters in TV Shows And Movies

Just as the title says, some inspirational female characters, in no particular order. I'm inspired by many female characters but I had to narrow it down, otherwise I'd write a novel - so here are some of my most inspirational female characters. Ilana Glazer (Broad City) Ilana Glazer is a fucking queen, she just gives… Continue reading Inspirational Female Characters in TV Shows And Movies