This is a blog in which i will be discussing tv shows and movies. It will mostly consist of awfully written, extremely subjective reviews and many ‘top 10’ lists, because i’m just obsessed with myself. I’m also obsessed with the movie ‘My Girl’ if you haven’t noticed with the header, avatar and intro in the sidebar, so i’ll probably be making a lot of posts about that. Serial killers and sitcoms are my two favourite things in tv, but i watch a lot of shit. Enjoy the ride, it’s probably going to suck.

“Of course TV shows are not the most accurate and realistic way to teach a kid about life but they were there when people weren’t and they were there to teach me where others have failed.” -Me (I told you… I’m just goddamn obsessed with myself).

[trying to say that he is a philanthropist] “I’m a full-on-rapist. Y’know? Africans. Dyslexics. Children. That sorta thing.” – Charlie Kelly.