GLOW: Season 1 Review (Spoiler Free)


I have no interest in wrestling. I mean I don’t hate it or anything I just don’t care, I don’t have an opinion – completely and utterly neutral (apart from that one time I got obsessed with watching wrestling for an entire week randomly and binge watched loads of clips), but when I watched the trailer for GLOW it looked super interesting and funny, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting for it to come out, shouting at Netflix whenever the trailer came on because I ALREADY WANT TO WATCH IT SO STOP. But anyway, it finally came out with 10 half hour episodes and I frickin’ loved it.

GLOW is based on a true story, about women in the 80s who star in a low budget women’s wrestling show, (GLOW standing for gorgeous ladies of wrestling). This show made me want to wrestle to be to honest, I didn’t think it would be so fun to watch. The story starts off with Ruth, actress (Alison Brie) from community and madmen (both amazing shows) and her search for an acting job. Ruth struggles to get any acting parts and eventually signs up for an audition looking for ‘unconventional women’ to be wrestlers on a show called, well, GLOW, and this isn’t really a spoiler because of course she gets a part, otherwise there would be no show. Ruth’s life sucks and nothing is going right so you feel sorry for her at first, but I later found her quite annoying and a person who makes some bad choices, but who doesn’t. Her annoyingess and faults make her an interesting character and she’s determined as hell, causing some hilarious scenes of her doing cringey and bizarre things to get what she wants.

Every character that gets cast in GLOW is extremely unique and well developed, most of the cast being pretty unknown as actresses in real life, which makes the show even more realistic as it features the director finding random unknown unconventional women. At first they’re all awful, I mean it’s tragic and cringey to watch as no one knows what they’re doing as they learn to wrestle, and develop background stories for their wrestling personas. It’s funny and ridiculous, and there’s a lot of drama and conflict between everyone, however creating the wrestling show gives the women all a purpose and a sense of belonging, as well as each other to rely on and befriend. I hate to say these following words but it’s the only way I can describe it, it’s a show that has a lot of ‘girl power’, strong women sticking together, doing the thing they’re passionate about and work hard for, even when they’re being booed and thought of as stupid or silly for doing female wrestling.

This show reminds me a lot of orange is the new black, probably because it has one of the same creators, so there are some elements that make me think of things in orange is the new black. The humour is often crude and dark, similarly to orange is the new black also, which reminds me even more of it, however it is also doing it’s own thing and being very unique. It’s a hilarious show with lots of drama and it’s also fun watching the women learn to wrestle.

GLOW consists primarily of female actresses which i love, and the few male actors are great too. The director character is kind of a loser asshole but I love him and he has some really funny lines. The show also features some actual real life wrestlers appearing occasionally, which is cool to see.

Overall I fucking loved the show, it was hilarious and fillied with drama and I love seeing powerful women in the 80s. The dialogue is brilliant, I love the fashion too and all of the cast. It made me laugh whenever the women were learning how to wrestle, considering they have no clue at first and it entertained me more and more as they got better and put on a decent to good wrestling show. I’m hoping there will be a season two and I’m quite certain there will be since it seems to be doing really well in ratings so far and has a good creator. This was a show that I got hooked on within the first 15 minutes of the first episode and that doesn’t happen often with a show – it was the best new TV show I’ve seen in a while and I hope to see more. I would include specific scenes I enjoyed but I want to keep this spoiler free so that hopefully people can read this and discover this gem of a show, so perhaps I’ll do another spoilery post later, featuring some of my favourite things.





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