Shocking Scenes In TV Shows

Spoilers for shameless, breaking bad, the walking dead, vikings and Bates Motel.

V, V’s mum and Kev sex scene: this is probably the most bizarre scene I’ve seen, I actually had to pause so that I could sit in shock and digest what I just saw. Here V and Kev want a baby, however V cannot have children so V’s mother is instead the surrogate, however this somehow ends up turning into the bizarre scene of V on Kev’s face with V’s mum riding him, Jesus fucking Christ. It was already bad when they would cover her mum with a sheet and Kev would cum inside her, but having them both on top of Kev was just too much. Probably one of my favourite scenes in shameless though. I tried to find the clip of this scene so hard but I guess people don’t enjoy watching a mother and her daughter have sex with the daughter’s boyfriend. Well there’s probably people who do but I can’t find the scene either way.

The Walking Dead
Glen’s death: first of all I would like to say that before Negan the show was dead boring, and it still is whenever Negan isn’t there, It’s really gone to shit buy I’ll be writing about why in another post. Negan actually bought some action, good dialogue and a unique character to the show and I just fucking love him, but Glen’s death was still shocking. Glen was my favourite character, well until he died, then Negan became my favourite, which is funny since Negan is the one that killed him. I don’t even know if Negan is still in the show, I stopped watching because it got so bad, the last straw for me was when an episode started and nothing happened for about 5 minutes, no dialogue no nothing, just shots of characters and not even good looking shots, just lame ass shots I don’t care about, I dont want to see their sad faces. Anyway, Glen’s death was shocking because you didn’t know who was going to die and then BAM Negan just started whacking him on the head with Lucile (his bat), it was beautiful. He just kept hitting him with all those spikes in Lucile and the sounds oh man, they really added something. Negan kept whacking him, his eyeball popped out and he continued till you could see him dead as this mushy bloody mess on the floor. Spectacular.

Breaking Bad
Gus being blown up: I guess this scene isn’t that shocking if you really think about it, since you know Gus is going to die, you’re waiting for it. The thing that’s shocking however is when Gus walks out of that damn room after the explosion and he stands, straightening his tie so casually and only then do you see half of his face completely fucked, skin off and revealing his jaw bone, I never could have been prepared for that. It was beautiful. And then he dropped to the ground. God.

Ragnar dying: this is kind of a weird one. Ragnar always manages to do something smart to get himself out of a bad situation and even though he was so fucked up and literally in a cage, I accepted him to do something to live. I was in doubt the entire time, so when he got dropped into the pit full of snakes and was ACTUALLY dying, I was shocked. I was just like well shit, it’s actually happening. It was sad more than anything though, to finally watch the man die. Ragnar my dad, what a legend.

Bates Motel
Norman kills his mum: I read the book Psycho so I already knew Norman would end up with his dead mother’s body, but I didn’t know when or how it would happen in Bates Motel. So when it did happen i was shocked to watch Norman climb back into bed with Norma as the gas is released. I thought Norman would kill himself too, which would have ruined the story, but he didn’t. When Mr Sandman started playing as well, oh damn, the perfect song to make the scene oh so creepy.

So those were some of the most shocking scenes that I’ve seen in TV shows, some shocking due to the brutality/disturbing nature, and some simply because it was really unexpected.

“I don’t care if I can’t drink or take drugs, I have Doritos. Doritos are like crack! I might even snort them!” -V (Shameless).


1 thought on “Shocking Scenes In TV Shows”

  1. Oh yes. That scene from the Walking Dead was intense, I almost couldn’t watch it. Glen was also one of my favorite characters and I couldn’t stand the idea of him and Maggie being separated. But then it happened anyway, and it was painful, and bloody, and and and. Scary, but spectacular. I was definitely worth the wait. Great article. Thanks for reminding me to catch up with Vikings, another fantastic show.

    Would you be interested in sharing your work on Movie Pilot? I’d like to invite you to join the platform, and I’d love to hear from you so I can to expand on that. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail, my contact details are on my “About” page. Hopefully talk soon!


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