Worst Fathers In TV

It’s father’s day today and my dad sucks butt so I thought it would be fun to discuss some of the worst dads in television. Shoutout to myself to be honest, since I made a post on my other blog about why I dislike my dad so much, which you can find here. Anyway, here we go…

Frank Reynolds (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia)


Frank is a terrible dad, I mean let’s start off with the fact that he pretended to be engaged to his daughter: Dee, almost had sex with and almost married her… for money, Jesus Christ I’m laughing. He also constantly exploits and insults his children, not caring if they’re on drugs or could end up dead, but the thing that makes him the worst dad of all is probably when he made his children literally dig up their mother’s grave as a prank and then laughed.

Frank Gallagher (Shameless US)
Episode 701
Another Frank, I guess Franks are just bad tv dads. I think he’s probably the worst dad on this list. First of all he’s always drunk and is never home, not taking care of his kids at all. Countless times his kids have needed him just to even show up at their schools for a minute or to sign something but he didn’t do it, knowing that it would completely ruin their lives and might get them put into the foster system. Hell he even called social services and actually got them put into the system. He literally gives no fucks and only uses them to get money or take food. Frank also doesn’t even care about himself as he was dying yet wouldn’t stop drinking even though he was literally about to drop dead any minute – he didn’t care about sticking around for his children or even for himself. Frank also uses his children to get money constantly, such as taking Liam and pretending to be homeless to get money, which I mean he kind of is since he’s not accepted anywhere. He also used his daughter who he never met before to get money and even kissed her, when she didn’t know he was her dad. And let’s not forget that he left all his children on the side of the road and never showed up. He made Carl believe he had cancer, to once again get money. He opened credits in his children’s names thus putting them in debt and he just constantly used Sheila, which is lame since Sheila is actually a really nice person. I could probably go on for forever considering he does something awful every episodes, but you get the gist.

Don Draper (Madmen)
Don is a dick, especially to his family. He constantly cheats on Betty and just treats her like trash, he’s also neglectful to his children, even when Sally tries so hard to get his attention through showing up at his work place among other things.

Darth Vader (Stat Wars Franchise)
Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker not only abandoned his children but then tried to kill them, slicing off Luke’s hand in the process, oh and there’s that whole “I’m gonna murder everyone, destroy entire planets and take over the entire world” plan thing.

Humbert Humbert  (Lolita)
I don’t even know if Humbert could be considered a dad to be honest, I mean there wasn’t any parenting there whatsoever, but either way hello daddy. Humbert was the worst, because I mean the whole incest thing. I guess technically it isn’t incest though since he’s not her biological father but either way he’s a paedophile and has sex with, or rather raped (since she’s underage so her consent isn’t really consent), his stepchild which I think wins worst dad award.

Harry Wormwood  (Matilda)
Harry is a little piece of shit annoying character overall, but especially a terrible dad. He constantly dismissed Matilda’s love for books and learning and forced her to watch tv and eat trashy food. He’s also just a sleezy disgusting guy who scams people and I felt so bad for Matilda and loved when she pranked him causing his hair to be ripped out after super gluing his hat to his head, he deserved it. He’s also played by Danny DeVitto just as Frank Reynolds is, which is funny considering they’re both awful dads, I guess DeVitto really has that whole bad dad act thing down.

There are plenty of bad dads in tv but I think these are probably the worst, from the movies and shows I watch most frequently, so yep, happy father’s day.

“Father’s day comes around more than you do” -some funny image on Google images.


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