TV Shows Which Would Make Good Games

I watch a lot of shows, I play a lot of games… The two go well together and sometimes i see a book, movie or show which I would love to explore as a game, so today I’ll be talking about some T.V. shows which would make good games. This was kind of inspired by E3, as I sit here watching the stream thinking about how trash a lot of the games were and basically how most of it was shit. Maybe Nintendo will save it tomorrow. Anyway, here we go.

I feel like this would be a really controversial one because people already blamed Dexter for being a bad influence, especially considering someone was murdered in a similar way to Dexter killings in the show. I have a really big problem with this kinda thing because what people don’t realise is that a T.V. show can’t make someone a murderer, every predisposed genetic and environmental factor has already determined that this person will have homicidal tendencies, it just so happens that a T.V. show influenced how it begins, but that’s not what I planned on talking about here. Dexter has a great story with many intense scenes so it would make a really good immersive rpg story based game. You would play as Dexter and be able to explore the town as you please, while following objectives such as, well, murdering people and getting away from the police etc. Aswell as talking to people which would unlock parts of Dexter’s story.

Vikings is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while, it gives me some Game of Thrones Vibes and I’m sorry but I actually prefer it to Game of Thrones. I love the characters so much, and the ones I hate I love to hate. There are many epic battles and a lot of history and mythology which is why I think it would make a good open world rpg or even mmorpg. You would create your very own viking and be free to explore the world, getting quests from various npc’s which all have their own back stories, as well as unlocking different countries in the world as you sail to them and raid them. There could be various ship customisation and upgrades and I could think of many different features that would be really fun. If it were an mmorpg there could be some fun pvp too.

Orange Is The New Black
Alright this might not sound like a great game at first, but I’ve been thinking about Life Is Strange a lot, especially since I’m excited for the second one coming out and I’ve also been watching Orange Is The New Black and I feel like this game style would go really well. You’d be an inmate in prison finding out about all the shit happening there by speaking to characters, reading things on walls and interacting with your environment in general. The choices you make influence the story, for instance you could be in situations where you have to decide whether to kill someone, which has later consequences. There are a lot of secrets and stories hiding in the prison so being able to walk around, read things, overhear conversations etc., sounds like it would he really fun similarly to Life Is Strange, except you’re not a teenager in a school. It would also be really cool if by talking to the various characters you slowly unlock parts of their back stories which you could see in flashbacks.

This show has a beautiful atmosphere, and involves time travel which makes me think of it as a sort of Life Is Strange game also. In Life Is Strange, if you don’t know, the main character can rewind time and in 11.22.63 the main character goes back in time, however can step back into the present and see how his actions have affected the present. Thus it would be really cool to play a game in which you can make various different choices and then see how they have affected the present world you live it. Also considering the past doesn’t want to be changed, so in the show there is a lot of weird shit happening which would look cool in the game with special effects. 11.22.63 is about trying to stop the assassination of JFK which is also something I haven’t seen in a game ever but I think would be really interesting. The soundtrack would also be beautiful with 60s music and it would just be awesome exploring the town in the 60s.

Black Mirror
Each Black Mirror episode is really unique and fucked up with a lot of sci-fi elements, which would make for some really good stories to play through in a game. For instance, the episode where you could replay your memories, which could be applied in the game by replaying past events or watching other people’s memories – I’m not sure how it would work in terms of applying the various different ideas, considering every episode is unique, but perhaps it could be almost like a little series or they could combine some elements from different episodes. This would probably be really trippy and fun but also an emotional game.

American Horror Story
There are a lot of horror games which I’ve seen walkthroughs of and trailers and they just never seem scary to me. American Story has some unique freaky shit though and I would love to explore the murder house, stay in the asylum, explore the hotel, be kidnapped by the clown etc., that shit sounds thrilling.

Lost could make a great multiplayer survival game where you’re basically on a giant island such as in Lost and can find and create weapons and explore places, or perhaps more of an rpg game where you could talk to npc’s and find out all the mysteries of the island. To be honest I mostly just want to explore the island and not only see the beautiful scenery and find food to survive, seeing how different materials on the island could be used to create different things, but also to encounter some of the creepy shit that could kill you on the island and the ‘others’.

I promise these look a lot better in my head, I have these cool ideas but they’d probably turn out shit, although I would love to see it if it were done well, which can easily be ducked up. Vikings is a show i would mostly like to see made into a game and would probably work best. Man if only I could create this.


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