Worst Characters in TV Shows

Spoilers motherfuckers.

Jenny Humphrey (Gossip Girl)
This isn’t in any particular order but Jenny happens to be the worst of them all, so I guess that’s why she came to mind first. This spoiled little hoe ruined the show. I’ve never hated a character this much, now I haven’t seen the show in a while so I don’t remember specific scenes but whenever I think of her I just get mad. Jenny had a pretty good life and at first she was kinda innocent but quickly she became the most manipulative bitch in the show. I don’t think Jenny gave a shit about literally anyone but herself and honestly was just a shallow, self-absorbed, spoiled, bratty piece of shit who fucked up people’s lives for fun. The funniest thing she did was try to get emancipated, to this day I make jokes about it with my friend Lisa Turtle (shoutout waddup ). I don’t know why but I always love the characters at the beginning of the show which I end up hating at the end. I just had bad taste, I mean Jenny was my favourite at the beginning and Chuck my least favourite but the tables turned quickly on that one. I hate Serena also but Jenny made me want to literally commit so that’s why I’m only discussing Jenny.

Melissa Cooper (The O.C.)
Another shallow, self-absorbed teenager who just fucks up everything for everyone, only this one was super whiney. Marissa was kind of the worst friend, she never even asked about Seth, didn’t talk to her sister and was honestly just plain stupid like with the whole Oliver situation – Ryan tried to warn her and it was obvious the guy was mentally unstable but Marissa kept falling for his pathological lying and of course got herself into a dangerous situation. Speaking of which, she had many experiences which were near death experiences such as when she drank so much she was found passed out when the whole gang went on a holiday to Tijuana and honestly I wish the bitch died sooner. Marissa was just the worst and was an error to the show, being an unnecessary annoyance for the other characters to deal with.

Debbie Gallagher (Shameless)
Debbie started off as this fun innocent kid but holy shit did that change quickly. One second she’s a child and then next she’s a teenager raping someone? I don’t understand how no one is talking about Debbie raping Matty, what the actual fuck. Lip even joked saying most guys would “love to he raped” by her. I understand shameless is a fucked up show, this is exactly the kind of show this shit would happen in but why is it not being addressed further in the show. If a girl was raped in the show it would he an entirely different scenario. Debbie is also constantly thirsty as fuck for a child and for that good dick when she herself is a child, and yea people have desires to have children which is understandable but Debbie is irresponsible and stupid for doing it this way, she literally raped someone and is bringing the child into her fucked up life when she can’t even support herself. She is kinda funny though like when she just fights random people, the best scene being when she’s holding her baby and begging for money and then fights someone who tried to take her spot. I hate Fiona too (she’s the next character I’ll be talking about) but I kinda agree with how she reacted to Debbie having a baby. Fiona is the legal guardian of all her siblings and she shouldn’t have to take care of Debbie’s child – if Debbie wants a child that bad she should raise it herself rather than being a burden. I also hate how she keeps going back to Frank and trusting him/going along with his dumb ideas and then getting upset after, when she was a kid it was understandable as she didn’t know any better and wanted to be with her dad, however now that she’s older she should realise her dad is a drunken asshole who doesn’t give a shit about anything or anyone – not even himself, I mean he’d rather die than not drink alcohol. The only thing he cares about is literally alcohol and getting the money for it. Debbie is just dumb and annoying and I even hate the actress that plays her, the hatred just grows, whenever I see an Instagram picture of her I get mad. She also thought taking care of flour was going to prove how she could take care of a baby and she even failed at that, honestly I’m still laughing to this day.

Fiona Gallagher (Shamless)
I used to really like Fiona, I mean she’s been through a lot and can be pretty badass sometimes, I mean she takes care of all her siblings for starters, but progressively I started hating her more and more. Fiona just keeps fucking things up for herself when she could so easily avoid it (so does Lip since we’re on the topic but I don’t hate Lip, I mean mostly i don’t – considering almost everyone on the show can be easily hated). The fuck up I’m mostly mad at her for however is when she was on parole and she literally just had to stay home for one more day and everything would be over and great, yet instead she went out and did cocaine, okay. I mean does she really give such little of a shit about her and her family, literally could you really not resist, why was that necessary you dumb bitch. The whole scenario where she left cocaine and Liam ingested it was the dumbest thing ever, literally who leaves cocaine in reach of a child, I 100% agree with how mad Lip was at her. Fiona also cannot be alone for more than a second, she’s constantly jumping from man to man and they’re always men who are terrible people, she can’t even stick to being with one guy because she ends up cheating on them. For instance, when she cheated on her boyfriend who was so good to her with his brother who was the one who gave her the cocaine that almost killed Liam???? Fiona couldn’t even tell him to stop touching her while on the bus, he put his hand on her thigh and she was like “no stop” and then basically just opened up her legs. Fiona literally has no will power, you cannot just do anything you want to because it feels good at the time. Sean also struggled with his drug addiction and said he didn’t want to be with Fiona because she could fuck up his privilege to see his kid, yet Fiona didn’t give a fuck about what he wanted and entered his life anyway, just being a burden but left him when he started doing heroin again rather than supporting him. Fiona does a lot of fucked up shit and expects everyone to forgive her yet when Sean (who she knows has a problem with heroin) does heroin again, she drops him instantly. I could honestly go on forever but basically Fiona is just stupid, constantly fucking up good things in her life unnecessarily, repeating her mistakes over and over. Oh and one more thing. V was always there for Fiona constantly supporting her and giving her good advice whenever she was being a piece of shit, along with being there for her even when she fucked up the most, yet Fiona just stopped talking to V when it suited her most, ignoring her when she needed Fiona the most (no one treats my girl V like that, her and Kev are the best characters in the show). I’d like to end Fiona’s section with a little shoutout to Gus for his beautiful fuck you Fiona song which honestly described perfectly how I feel about her, which you can find here.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sex And The City)
I only just started watching Sex And The City, I’m on season 2 so I may change my mind about this but I’m kinda hating Carrie so far. She hasn’t done anything terribly awful but for the most part she’s just kind of annoying and dry and whenever she talks about her friends she interjects with her own life. She also thinks the worst of people, being shallow and instantly getting mad at them the second they don’t do something that in her mind they should be doing.

Don Draper (Madmen)
Madmen is set in the 60s so I mean most men in it are assholes but Don Draper is really something else. I have a kind of love hate relationship with him but I mostly hate his stupid ass. Don has done many stupid things and is constantly having sex with literally everyone even though he has a wife and children. Don is a terrible husband and a terrible father in general. I hate that I like him, he’s just kinda…
Cool and I hate thinking that since he’s such a terrible person, i don’t know what it is about him, I mean maybe I just like assholes. He’s pretty much just a rich alcoholic who has sex with everyone and neglects his children. Once again I haven’t seen madmen in a while so there aren’t many specific scenes I can refer to but at least it means I won’t be spoiling things. Writing about Don does however make me want to rewatch madmen, which I get the urge to do every few weeks.

Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead)
I don’t know what it is about little kids turning out to be assholes when they’re older but I hate Carl so much, first of all he needs to cut his hair because it’s annoying me but that’s not the main problem. Carl is just a little shit to be honest, he thinks he’s tough and fucks shit up by trying to stand up to people by shouting at them and acting as though they should be scared of him, but really he can’t do anything and he just fucks things up for others by getting himself into trouble. His dialogue is also really fucking boring, he constantly whines and is mad and acts all sad and mysterious, bro everyone has had it bad stop complaining. If anything, Carl has probably had it the best in the show and his ‘deep’ conversations with Enid just piss me off with the stereotypical ‘stay strong we need to fight this we can do this’ etc., it makes me want to vomit. The dialogue for the entire show actually just feels lazy and stereotypical to me now I’m general, it kind of feels like the writers have gotten bored with the show I mean I know I have.

Honourable mentions: Piper Chapman (Orange is The New Black), Skylar (Breaking Bad) (the most annoying character ever, who made me literally shout at the screen to tell her to shut up), Aslaug (Vikings) (hoe ruined my otp).


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